Ava Spanked by the Babyssitter

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Looking just too cute and extra naughty in her pink pajamas,Ava gets a red tushy butt from her babysitter.

Her pajama bottoms are yanked down and her rosy,sore red behind are revealed for a painful dose of spanks with a hairbrush.

ava_babysitter025Please welcome Ava Nicole to Triple A Spanking. She is a wonderful new spanking star, better known in ABDL circles. She was introduced to AAASPANKING (Visit here) by their good friend to the site, Adriana Evans. This debut film she made with AAASpanking is available in full. It is the first of two major scenes where they knew Ava felt more comfortable. “What would that be?” Being a brat and deserving a spanking at home wearing cute PJs! So she is spanked by her babysitter (Adriana), and in a later episode coming up in a few weeks, you will see her getting spanked by Daddy.(whoo hoo)
In this episode, Ava has been told to go to bed early for being an insufferable brat. It’s still light outside and Ava refuses, pushing Adriana to do what Ava’s daddy has said she can – spank her if needed! However, Ava is being so needy and annoying that Adriana tells her fetch the hairbrush that she spied across the room. Ava’s PJ bottoms are pulled down and her bare bottom is given a sound hand spanking whilst being scolded before Adriana uses the hairbrush on Ava’s tender behind!
This is a fab introduction to a rising star in the online spanking scene and AAASpanking are proud to showcase her obvious talents alongside her good friend, Adriana Evans.

Watch Ava’s perfect ass turn red as her hot babysitter smacks it at AAA Spanking here->>>>


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  1. Tim says:

    Two cute young girls play spank together ,best spanks Tim x

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