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Meet the newest Sweetie Kimberly Brix who recreates a punishment spanking she received while growing up which she shares in her interview with Clare Fonda.

Kimberly’s Mum takes her across her lap and proceeds to smack her bare bottom till it is sore and red and she knows her bratty girl is feeling quite sorry.

spanking gif

Shorts so tight  they look like they have been sprayed on!! HOT!

Momma is S-T-R-I-C-T!!!!


Momma Clare goes to town on her daughter bum smacking her perky cheeks looking oh so yummy in tiny naughty girl shorts.

spankedsweetiesMummy Clare Fonda spanks her bratty Miss whole heatedly.

**Click here to watch  Kimberly’s spanking interview**

Kimberly Brix is a young cutie with a curvy bottom who was spanked by her mom (played by Clare) a few times while growing up. Kimberly gives a very candid interview with some sizzling re-enactments that left her bottom “hurting to sit down” as she explains in her post shoot interview.

A super ouhcy OW spanking from Mummy indeed.

Enjoy Kimberly’s spanking interviews and watch her Mother/daughter discipline spankings at Spanked Sweeties here->


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