whipping gif spanking naked

A vulnerable position for a painful whipping.

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2 Responses to BOUND AND WHIPPED

  1. Seems like her flinching just makes for a better target, the opposite of what happens on a flat surface, he should increase his cadence to take advantage of that, I would.

  2. Dineshika says:

    My ideal spanking room would be full of light, with a large muelionld window, curtainless so that anyone looking in could observe the activities. The woodwork and wainscotting are painted white, and the upper walls are papered with a tasteful maroon pattern. On one wall are racks where canes, crops, straps, belts and other large implements hang, arranged by type and length. A white cabinet with glass doors holds the smaller paddles, hairbrushes and rulers. There are also hooks to hold clothing as it is removed. There is a window seat, well padded, for spanking. The central feature is a chaise longue of sufficient length to permit comfortable OTK and the padded end is just the right height for bending over. There is also a padded spanking bench where one could stand and bend over, then be fastened with leather restraints. A second bench of lesser height is available to support a victim in a kneeling position. Arranged here and there are small kneeling pads upholstered in the same pattern as the chaise and padded benches, for the spankee’s comfort.

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