Drunk Daughters seriously Disciplined

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A good no nonsense spanking for a very naughty little miss!!


2 Naughty little girls cry as their mummys smack their bottoms fast and hard and turn them red and extremly  sore.


Awww Waaaaaaaaaa Mummy its NOT FAIR!!!!!


The cuties kick,squirm,cry and wriggle about but thier mummys  just keep seriously slapping their bare butts and they do not stop till it hurts so bad and the bad little girls can barley sit.

Momma Dana and Momma Elizabeth sit worrying the night away wondering where their wayward daughters are. Stevie Rose and Ava Nicole didn’t come home last night and the mothers fear the worst. Then, in they stagger; giggling and obviously still drunk from a long night of partying. The mothers are furious and agree they both need to be taught a lesson over their knees with their panties pulled down and their bare bottoms spanked. Because of the seriousness of their crime, the girls are spanked with a hairbrush and the paddle. They also receive a hard strapping and tears are shed and promises are made to never touch alcohol again. JOIN FOR MORE

 Waaaaa boo hoo mummy it hurts too much!!!

Real old fashioned serious punishment spanking video can be watched at Momma Spanking here->>


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