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Bianca is caught red handed by mummy smacking her naked butt hard with a bathbrush,time for Mom to give her bratty girl a real spanking and show her what a real red bum feels like :-)…..a very very really really red bum!!!


Mummys hand flies wildly in the air landing with a SMACK SMACK POW across her daughters poor red bum!!!


~~Click here to watch a preview video~~

Waaaaahaaaaaaa Mummy it burns so bad!!!!

hard self spankingLets get those jeans out of the way!Ohhhhhhhhh Yummy bum bum!

After catching Bianca in her bare bottom self-spanking experience, her mother decided to instruct her on what a real spanking feels like.

Much like Bianca’s self-spanking, her punishment started over her pants, then her skimpy panties, and finally her bare bottom.

Mummy makes sure her bratty Miss has a bottom so red she will be rubbing it better for hours!

After her mother was finished spanking her, the tall tearful girl with the red bottom was sent back to her room, tying to rub out the pain as she went. On the way she thought, “note to self: next time close the door.”

Bianca clutches her bottom after the spanking,it hurt so bad!!!Why did mummy have to spank me so hard she thinks as she rubs her rosy red bottom cheeks all better.

See a naughty girl go over her mummys knees with her panties down for a bare bottom hot and HARD punishment spanking and enjoy the sight of her perky ripe ass turning a bright cherry red here->>



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