spanked in short shorts

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Pretty blonde brat Layden is bubble butt bare and bouncing across Alexi’s knees as it is soundly smacked red and ouchy.

The painful hand spanking begins over itty bitty tiny little denim shorts( wow the shorts hug her bottom buns perfectly tight)Then lacey pink panties and finally her totally naked ass!

Alexis Grace was hired to lay down the law for two young hot sisters, Layden and Alyssa. She tells the two schoolgirls at a meeting in her office that if they don’t do everything expected of them, they will be spanked. The girls are shocked to be threatened with a spanking. But when Layden is late to her first tutor session, the towering Alexis puts Layden over her knee for a sound spanking, turning her bottom bright red. Then Alexis gives the young student a lesson is sex education, further humiliating her.

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3 Responses to spanked in short shorts

  1. Glad that´s not my couch, they couldn´t put down a towel? ಠ~ಠ

  2. Tim says:

    Lovely girls playing spanks ,best spanks great blog of yours , Tim xx

  3. Gareth hyde56cf,833le says:

    Love to attend to their bodies

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